As you might have guessed, I LOVE dessert. I love eating anything with sugar, and I adore mixing, folding, melting, whipping, kneading, shaping, slicing and baking sweet treats.

But there's one thing I love just a teeeny bit more, and that's teaching. 


Eugh, that sounds boring. 


How about this?

What I really, really love is making people's eye go wide and their eyebrows raise when I explain what happens to cakes in the oven, or to egg whites when you whip the air in, or to chocolate when you melt it not-quite-all-the-way. I love inspiring people to think about the food that's in front of them, about the ingredients, and the techniques, and even about the science.


Why do people get scared when they hear that phrase "Baking is a science"?! Eating and digesting an apple is also a science but that doesn't put us off. Come to think of it, so's breathing, and we don't generally shy away from that!


You don't actually need to know much at all about the science of baking in order to do it, but.....a little extra knowledge can make it so much more satisfying, and will give you the confidence to break outside the recipe box and start experimenting, which is so much fun!!


Anyway, this blog will hopefully demystify some of baking's most common heros (sugar! flour!) and make you excited to get into the kitchen and create something mouthwatering. 



Jess xxx