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Hi, I'm Jess!

I began baking as a very small girl in my mother's kitchen in Ireland, and have been testing and tweaking and creating recipes ever since. I've lived  and travelled in almost 30 countries in 6 continents and take cooking classes whenever and wherever I can!

I bake when I'm in a good mood, a not-so-good-mood, when I'm hungry, when I want to feel like I've accomplished something, when I want to show people I care about them and and when I need to make an impression. I eat the raw cake batter before it goes in the oven, and I have a habit of sampling spoonfuls of sugar sprinkles. I think it’s really important  to get out of the house, put our phones away,  meet new people, learn new skills, and not take life too seriously. 

Needless to say I always order dessert—sometimes before dinner.

Can’t wait to meet you! xo






I started as a solo show in my little apartment on Lincoln Avenue, and now we're a big beautiful team! Here's who you could be baking with!